Volunteers are integral to ECF’s work. As a volunteer you could support our goal of ending violence and discrimination against women in myriad ways. Depending on your interests, skills and experience  you could get involved in  programme operations, strategic planning, fundraising and communications.

If you want to volunteer with us, please fill the Volunteer Application Form.


Mireille Vos. Volunteer. Equal Community Foundation.Mireille Vos : “I volunteered for ECF for  approximately 6 months.  I organised a seminar at Suzlon on including men to end violence against women. I loved working with ECF and living in Pune. I still miss it every day. I worked with many NGOs, but ECF has been the best one by far!  They do great work with an unique perspective and a lovely working environment.”



Madhav Pola. Volunteer. Equal Community FoundationMadhav Pola : “I was a volunteer for ECF since February, 2013. I collated bench-mark data of successful NGOs and am in the process of putting together a functional case study of ECF. As a volunteer for the BBG ball, it had been a satisfying and humbling tryst. Look forward to further adventure…”




Tanvi Hegade. Volunteer, Equal Community FoundationTanvi Hegade: “I interned at ECF for 2 months (23 Jan. 2013- 23 Mar. 2013). My work consisted mainly of interviewing and documenting the beneficiaries’ from the communities, documentation of the quarterly Intensive Mentor Training, translation of training modules, charting out a basic Volunteer Retention Model, volunteering at the BBG ball and for the Man Up India Campaign.

Working here, I learnt how the shocking intensity of gender inequality is being tackled right at its roots. And that actually doing something about the issue feels so much better and is so much more effective than only talking about it! Seeing the mentors interact with the boys and work at such a grass-root level was sheer inspiration. I am so glad that I got to be part of such an amazing team!”


Nadja Adj. Volunteer. Equal Community FoundationNadja Adj : “I worked at ECF for a period of 6 weeks (2nd Nov. 2012 to 16th Dec. 2012.) I worked with Will Muir to improve their finance processes and implement a new management reporting pack to enable the founder and the team to better assess their cost stream and manage their cashflow. The main aim was to build a tool that was sustainable and that would in time allow Will to make better decisions regarding the future finance strategy of the organisation.

I enjoyed discovering a completely new culture and challenges of living for a short while in a different country. I have learnt a lot about working for charity and their funding priorities and also about the sheer dedication of the team in changing the minds of the future generation of men in improving gender equality.”



If you or anyone you know is interested please fill the Volunteer Application form  or write to us at  jobs@ecf.org.in