ECF Action for Equality- Annual Evaluation Report 2017-2018

Every year we evaluate the progress of our core gender-transformative programme, Action for Equality, to enable us to build on our strengths and analyse our challenges. Through this endeavour we also hope to encourage more practitioners to use our learnings to enhance their own programmes using the approach of working with men and boys. You can read our overall findings for the year 2017-18 here.

Engaging adolescents

The journey of Hummingbird Raise and its impact

Over the last two years, Equal Community Foundation has provided technical support to 12 organisations in West Bengal to adopt the approach of engaging adolescents particularly boys to raise them to be gender equitable. This programme is called Hummingbird Raise. With the technical support provided by us, and the financial support provided by the Hummingbird Foundation, the partners have worked with 5224 adolescents across 76 villages. You can read about the powerful journey of Hummingbird Raise in the latest report.

ECF Action for Equality Annual Evaluation Report 2016-17 - Coverpage
ECF Action for Equality – Annual Evaluation Report 2016 – 2017

In this report, we take a look at the monitoring and evaluation findings from the year 2016-17. We produce this report every year to enable our team to make informed decisions regarding programme improvement, and to share our learnings with other practitioners in the sector. The full report is available on this link.

ECF How does the gender of the facilitator influence the delivery of Action for Equality Programme

How does the gender of the facilitator influence the delivery of Action for Equality Programme?

This study explores how the gender of the facilitators who implement Action for Equality influences the delivery of the programme in the context of the Hummingbird Raise. It focuses specifically on the impact of the facilitator’s gender on the rapport built with participants and stakeholders. The analysis is based on data collected through surveys and group discussions and on observations during field visits. Click here to read the full report.

Evaluation report of ECF’s Hummingbird Raise Programme

Hummingbird Raise Formative EvaluationIn December 2014, ECF launched the first phase of Project Raise in partnership with the Hummingbird Foundation. This phase is called Hummingbird Raise. 12 community-based organisations in West Bengal are currently part of the Hummingbird Raise coalition. ECF commissioned a formative evaluation of the programme in order to strengthen the programme further in the context of scaling it to 100 organisations across India. Summary of evaluation findings Full report

Our Organisational Strategy

We have developed this document as a result of a programme clarity over the years, and a strong founding mission and strategy. The document represents our work, our ideas, and the way ahead. Read ECF Organisational Strategy

Action for Equality Annual evaluation report 2015 -16

The ECF Action for Equality Annual Evaluation report 2015-16 is a compilation of findings from three successive cycles of Action for Equality: Cycle 12, 13 and 14. ECF Action for Equality Annual Evaluation report 2015 – 16 

Action for Equality external evaluation report

Recently, ECF commissioned an external evaluation of our core programme Action for Equality. Click on the links below to know more: Summary of the evaluation findings Full report