Our mission is to ensure that every man in India has the opportunity to study and practise gender equitable behaviour in order to end violence and discrimination against women.

For us to be able to achieve our mission we need to demonstrate evidence that proves that men can be engaged to end violence and discrimination against women; highlight best practices and priority strategies for scale; and create a popular movement in order to raise awareness and support towards the approach resulting in widespread adoption of this approach.

In practise, we have three core programmes:

Atul Khandagale, Advocate, ECF (ie, currecntly enrolled in the training program)Action for Equality Programme

Through Action for Equality Programme we work with young men in the age group of 13-17 across low income communities. The programme is designed to provide men with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to take personal and collective action to end violence and discrimination against women in their lives and communities; and advocate the change to other men they know.
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What we do - research and developmentResearch and Development
In Research and Development Programme we aim to identify priority strategies for achieving scale for the approach of raising men to end violence and discrimination against women.
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What we do - Man Up IndiaProject Raise

Project Raise is a capacity building and partnerships programme. The programme aims to work with 100 community based organisations over the next five years. Project Raise will provide incubation support to organisations that wish to weave working with boys and men into their existing work.

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