Atul Khandagale, Advocate, ECF (ie, currecntly enrolled in the training program)

Action for Equality (AFE) is the foremost programme of Equal Community Foundation that reaches 40,000 people in 20 communities all over Pune. It is an action research programme that seeks to develop a scalable model for raising boys and men to prevent violence and discrimination against women and girls in India.

The programme primarily focuses on boys and young men in the age group of 13 to 17 years from low income communities.

Through Action for Equality, we aim to develop leaders who not just take personal action but also take collective action to end violence and discrimination against women in their lives and communities. These leaders then go on to influence groups of parents, teachers and media to raise other men to end violence and discrimination against women.

The programme is divided into three parts: Foundation Programme, Action Programme and Leadership Programme

As of August 2016, 4493 young men have enrolled in Action for Equality Programme, 2438 of them have graduated.

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