ProjectRaise Project Raise is a national collaborative of civil society organisations, funding organisations, intermediaries and government institutions who are committed to the social outcome of raising Gender Equitable Boys.

The collaborative provides access to resources, training, peer learning opportunities and collective evidence that organisations require to deliver programmes, evaluate progress and drive collective action towards the common outcome.

The Project Raise collaborative aims to provide support to every organisation in India that plans to include boys in their core work.

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What have we achieved so far?

Since 2015, we have worked with 12 partner organisations in West Bengal. These organisations received intensive technical support for them to implement Action for Equality across 76 villages in the North and South 24 Parganas districts. With the technical support provided by ECF and financial support provided by the Hummingbird Foundation, these organisations worked with 5224 boys (and girls). A report from the state consultation conducted at the conclusion of Hummingbird Raise can be found here.

How can you support Project Raise?
  • By becoming a partner of Project Raise
  • By financially contributing towards Project Raise
  • By referring potential partners from your network
  • By volunteering with us

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