'What about the boys?' - ECF's first research report.The approach of engaging men as a part of solution is becoming increasingly well accepted, and popular but still in the nascent stage. There is a lack of research and evidence to demonstrate that empowering men as a positive resource in the women’s empowerment process reduces violence and discrimination against women and increases the resources available to empower women in their community.

Equal Community Foundation seeks to bridge this gap.  We conduct research to highlight best practice in India and priority strategies for achieving scale for the approach of working with men.

The objective of Research and Development Programme is to develop a strategy to raise every man in India to end violence and discrimination against women over the next 3 years. A strategy that will:

  • Identify key stakeholders who need to be involved in engaging / raising men to end violence and discrimination against women at scale.
  • Define clear objectives so that every man in India is raised to treat women with dignity and respect.
  • Promote collaborative efforts between organisations having similar goals.
  • Increase confidence of funders and policy makers.

Through this programme we talk to experts, practitioners across India and abroad. At the same time, we share findings from the research we conduct within the communities where we work.


“I want to stop the injustice and outrage faced by women”.

ECF Mentor Research ReportThis research project explores the question – ‘What motivates men to volunteer for a community gender violence prevention programme?’

Understanding these reasons will help with plans to expand efforts to reach out to men and will ensure that programmes remain relevant and engaging for those who participate in them.

This research project has been implemented and designed by ECF Programme Mentors with the support of key team members.

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‘What about the boys? Raising men to end violence and discrimination against women’ 

What About The Boys-Webpage“What about the boys?” our most recent academic research report was launched on the 6th of March 2013. The research identifies parents, teachers      and media professionals as the three key stakeholders in achieving scale. It also identifies the differences between current interventions and these  priorities, thereby informing practitioners, funders and policy makers of priorities.

To download the report click on the links below:

Executive Summary

Full Report